reveal & remove your Unconscious Blocks

with Leah Lamb, MSW, Transformational Storyteller



Are you tired of playing a role is someone else’s story?

It’s time to create your own reality/world/story...

Your intentions and words have the power to transform the world.  

And the stories you tell might be

one of the most powerful things that you leave behind. 



  • Learn how to work with Story as a tool for transformation 
  • Discover who you are as a Creator and what gifts you have to give to the times we are living in
  • Activate your Creator Matrix as you discover your blocks and barriers to giving your gifts to the world
  • Reveal your Divine Purpose
  • Liberate your Creative Life Force 
  • Discover your Internal Operating System
  • Identify your unique Apocalyptic Archetype
  • Uncover your Unconscious Blocks 
  • Reveal & Remove Your Limiting Factors
  • Harness your Full Life Force

Your Voice Is Needed…

We need the voice of healing to meet our history of pain and dehumanization.

We need the voice of clarity to meet the confusion.

We need the voice of resistance to meet the ills of injustice.

We need experienced storytellers who understand that the power of listening can change the world. 

We need people who speak truth to power.

We need conscious creators writing the story of our time and planting the seeds for our beautiful future.  

Leah Lamb – writer, storyteller, producer – will be your guide.

Leah has dedicated her career to working with story as a tool for social change and as a doorway to personal transformation.

Leah Lamb, MSW, experiences story as a tool for personal transformation and social change, and views the artform as a mystical expression of the connection between earth, people, and all life forms. Her storytelling lives in several mediums. She has authored short stories, documentaries, and award-winning PSA’s about the environment. Her articles about culture and the environment have been featured in Fast Company, Spirituality & Health Magazine, National Geographic News Watch, and Huffington Post. She produced and hosted The Green Channel on the Emmy-award-winning television network, Current TV.  

Her education in theater includes studying the Eric Morris technique, the Meisner technique at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC, and apprenticing at The Williamstown Theater Festival. Her love of the arts as a doorway to social change came alive when she began writing and producing, But it is her love of the wilderness that brought her to the threshold of listening to where the stories live. She worked as a wilderness guide for seven years, traveling from Alaska, to Nepal, to Mexico, and to the deserts of the southwest. Leah created the format of storytelling ceremonies, which have toured in LA, San Francisco, and NYC. Her mystical storytelling, known as Soul Stories, provides people another tool to explore their archetypal structure and examine their lives through the metaphors and symbols that present in their consciousness.


“Participating in Leah's 'Story Initiation: Giving Your Gifts' has sparked within me a massive explosion of inspiration and deluge of creativity! For as long as I can remember, I've been plagued with the question "what am I passionate about?" I get little hints and start into something and then the passion fizzles. It's such a thrill and I am beyond grateful! Leah is a master creatrix and guide as to how to open and reveal one's own unique creative inspiration. Leah teaches with the most perfect blend of emergent creation and structure. I feel like I have the tools and support I need to continue to create and follow my passion in service to love, harmony & connection. May it be so!" ~ Elana Auerbach

“Before I came to this Initiation of Love Story, I was still believing my life was limited by my partner's trauma. I was also unaware of how my grandparents' beliefs about love played into my own, and how often I had coped with challenges through silence and attempted stoicism. Now, on the other side, I am feeling lighter, softer, clearer, and also gentler with myself. There is healing.” ~ Roslyn McGrath